What made us write the Books?

It was a difficult day- 7th July 1992, when Palak was born. She had features of a Down’s kid and I was worried since the day she was born. If I think back I find that Palak is such a lovely and graced child that each problem was followed by its solution. When Palak was born my elder son Purvaj was two years old and I was staying with my in-laws. My husband Piyush was doing a job and was staying alone, away from us. It was difficult for me to handle both the kids with a clinic as well. Palak was very calm and non-demanding since her birth so I had to wake her up to feed her. She had tracheomalacia (soft trachea) so it was difficult for her to swallow, she took longer time during each feed. Because of tracheomalacia she could not be top fed. During her early days she repeatedly had cough and cold and it was difficult to give any kind of medicines because of her difficulty to swallow. I used to apply some herbal packs on her chest and that gave her some relief.  I knew that there are no medicines that can cure Down’s syndrome. Palak needed time, patience, special care, love and acceptance.  My father came forward as an angel and took Palak with him to Ahmedabad, when she was seven months old.

The love and affection that Palak got from my parents, my sisters (two of my sisters stayed next to my father’s house) and their children, played a magical role in her development. Everyone got charged up for Palak. One thing was sure that there was no fixed line of treatment or say remedial measures or say protocol was known to help these children. So whatever was to be done was to be done on the basis of trial and error method. My father accepted Palak whole heartedly with all her limitations so he found ways to help her out. My father prioritized her problems and started working with her low muscle tone first. Palak started going to physiotherapist when she was ten months old. My father helped her at home to practice all the exercises done at physiotherapy center using different play way methods. She got a very good social exposure which helped her to develop her speech and other social skills like recognizing different people, difference of communication with known and unknown. My family accepted and loved her so much that the neighbors and her immediate surroundings other than neighbors were compelled to love her and accept her. She could relate herself with the society very well. She started recognizing the house hold objects, domestic animals and birds, different colours, different shapes, various sounds easily because of the love and acceptance she got from society. Because my father did everything with love, acceptance, affection, dedication, persistence, persuasion and patience, he could create a new idea every time. He developed his own methods to help Palak. As Palak responded very well to each new method tried, my father thought to put them down on a paper.  All these methods are mentioned in the books. These are not the only methods to help your child. Just love and accept your child whole heartedly. Decide to help him with dedication, persistence and persuasion and you may create your own methods to help your child as per his abilities and requirements.

You may find me using the words love, acceptance, affection etc. repeatedly and I have strong reasons for that. Firstly these are the fundamental needs for any human being to progress and our children are special human beings so their need is special. Secondly I found many parents denying the facts in one or the other way. Their denial made them fight with the reality. They became busy fighting with the facts and used their energy and time in non-productive, non-progressive and unimportant things. Instead we need to accept the reality so the reality becomes our friend and will sit besides us to help us.

There are FIVE books available at present. All are written by my father. If you want you can download them. It is free of charge.

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