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(Q-1)My child is not able to speak what to do? My child cannot speak clearly. What to do?

(Q-2)My child is 6 years old and understands numbers in serial order but when it comes to which number comes before and which comes after , she gets confused. How to solve this?

(Q-3)How to make my child calculate? How to teach Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division?

(Q-4)My child is not able to write. My child can write but it is not readable to all.

(Q-5)My child is stubborn what to do? My child is very mischievous, how to handle him? My child is arrogant, what to do? My child does not listen what we say, I get frustrated.

(Q-6)My child is not able to answer the questions. My child does not understand question and answer. My child does not remember question and answer.

(Q-7)My child does not mix with others. My child is afraid of going out. My child cannot cope up in crowded places.

(Q-8)Child is not eating on his own. Child is not able to make pieces of ROTI (Indian bread)

(Q-9)If my first born is a Down's kid, should I have a second child?

(Q-10)What are the chances of having a Down?s kid in my next pregnancy?

(Q-11)While handling my special kid my other child feels neglected. How to deal with it?

(Q-12)My 14 months old Down's kid is still not walking. What to do?

(Q-13)My child always denies by saying 'no' when asked to do something. I have to try hard every time to convince him. I get frustrated at times. What to do?

(Q-14)How to increase the memory power of my son?

(Q-15)My son wants to learn cycling but he is afraid of doing so. What to do?

(Q-16)Down's children are heavy weight. How we can control their weight and what are the dangers of heavy weight?

(Q-17)My child is obese and not ready to do any kind of physical work. What to do?

(Q-18)My child gets tired after doing a little running or any physical activity. What can be the cause?

(Q-19)My child is very stubborn and becomes violent if you don?t give him the thing that he wants. How to control him?

(Q-20)My son is 9 years old and is able to understand the lesion but unable to read or write. He gets confused between 'm' and 'w', 't' and 'f'. He changes the order of the letters i.e if it is 'saw' he may write 'was'.

(Q-21)What is Dyslexia? How to diagnose it?

(Q-22)What kind of specialist can help us?

(Q-23)How to proceed with Psychological tests?

(Q-24)If my child is Dyslexic then what to do?

(Q-25)How can I use poetry to help my child and from where can I get good poetries?

(Q-26)How to encourage my child for reading?

(Q-27)You have mentioned in many of your answers about finding own fun way methods for making your child learn, but how to do that?

(Q-28)What is Down syndrome?

(Q-29)What causes Down syndrome?

(Q-30)What are characteristics of people with Down syndrome?

(Q-31)What about the functions of internal organs of DS children?

(Q-32)What are the strengths of Down's children?

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