My experiences with palak

Palak was eight months old when she started staying with my parents at Ahmedabad. My maternal grandmother residing at Valsad, passed away in 1994. My parents left Palak with us and went for Valsad. That was for the first time Palak was with us without my parents. She was happy. She played a lot with us till midnight.  We were surprised by her behavior. But next day morning she was looking for my parents. She did not do anything- no eating, no potty, no playing….nothing. We had to take her to Valsad.  Valsad is just 45k.m. from Navsari. She completed her daily course after seeing my parents and we came back to Navsari. After this incidence we decided to bring Palak off and on to Navsari and that too without my parents.

From her early childhood she used to be very co-operative in everything. I started her toilet training when she was 4 months old and she understood it and learnt it within 2-3 months.

She was 7 years old when we went for our holidays for the first time. We were going to Goa by road and we stayed for day at Ganpatipule. In the resort at Ganpatipule  we met a group of six children between 8-12yrs. My son Purvaj and Palak started playing with them. They all were sitting in a circle and were talking with each other in English. Palak wanted to talk to them. Suddenly she went in the middle of the circle; she knew one sentence in English. She looked at every one and said, “My name is Palak.” Her gesture was so confident and sweet, every one burst in to laughter. All the kids hugged her and started talking in a way that she understood. 
 She was around 9 years and we had a plan to go to Dandi, a beach just 13km away from our place on Sunday with our friends. Unfortunately I had few indoor patients in critical stage so we thought to cancel the idea. Palak loves Dandi so our friends told us to send Palak with them and we agreed. Palak is loved a lot by all our friends and they love to tease her because she gives very spontaneous and witty answers. As soon as they reached Dandi, Palak demaned a soft drink and a packet of waffers. One of our friends teasingly asked her to give her the monitory share, spontaneously Palak replied that it is unfair to demand money from small children. My parents are so kind to take me and my friends to picnic absolutely free and 'O  GOD you are asking for money from me?' All our friends laughed a lot.

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