Boosting Experiences

When Palak completed four years as she was admitted in Jnior KG at Ankur school- a normal school. She was readily accepted by the girls of her class but few boys were not comfortable with her. Once one boy attacked her and scratched her hair so badly that a bunch of hair got torn off. Palak got frightened and stopped going to school. That could result into a halt in Palak’s progress. That needed an immediate solution. My father arranged a small picnic in a nearby park and invited few of Palak’s friends. Simultaneously my father called the parent of that boy and requested them to send him for the picnic as well. Fortunately the parents agreed and sent their son to join Palak and her friends. Children are after all children, innocent and pure from within! After an initial period of discomfort Palak and that boy became friends and there after she never had any major problem till she was in Ankur school.

Palak stayed with my father at Ahmedabad till she completed her Sr. KG. After that I brought her to Navsari. She got admission in Tata Girls High school. Some kind of emotional and other psychological disturbances were expected because the entire surrounding was different. The school, the teachers, family members, friends etc. I was mentally prepared to handle her emotional outbursts. I used to go to her school every day at the end of her classes to monitor her behavior. The idea behind was to notice the change in her behavioral pattern immediately so that before anything gets fixed up wrongly in Palak’s mind, I could modify it positively. She used to tear and throw the pages of her notebook everywhere in the classroom. Her class teacher Neetaben explained her not to do so. Even I kept on asking the reason and every time she promised not to repeat but it did not stop. Then with the help of Neetaben it was decided that Palak could go home only after cleaning her classroom. It worked and Palak stopped tearing the pages.
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