I want to welcome you and let you know that I look forward to begin remedial work together for your child. I’m a mother first & then a professional counsellor, a paediatrician, a psychologist & an experienced special educator.
We may not predict the exact nature of changes resulting from the counselling session. That depends on the inputs & involvement from parents' side but I intend to work with you to achieve the best possible results for you.

I have read all below terms and condition Continue
I want you to decide your reasons for booking an appointment for the counselling session.
I want you to fix a convenient time & then book.
Please fill all the details correctly.
I want you to fill your queries in the box so that the session gets started immediately & you can have the maximum benefit of the session.
I want you to select the language of your choice to write your queries. The options are English, Hindi & Gujarati.
I want you to remain present online at least 5-10 minutes prior to the time booked.
I want you to understand the time constraint. I can allow maximum 5 minutes beyond the time limit of the session.
I want you to be ready with a pen & note-book to note down the home work you may get during the session
I am a paediatrician so I shall definitely guide you medically but I won't prescribe drug online for any specific disease.
If you need some medical advice based on results of some investigations already done, I shall need the copies of reports at least 48 hours prior to the session. You can send an e-mail. 
It is very difficult to fix someone else in your slot. Once you book a date for counselling you will get only one chance to shift the appointment & that too as per the availability.
Book your date at least before 48 hours.
Counselling is best experienced in an atmosphere of trust.  All counselling sessions are strictly confidential and may not be revealed to anyone. There are times when I may need to use my experience with you to set an example for others. In such situations I will never use your name and will change significant identifying details in order to protect your confidentiality.
Together we will decide the goals, will prioterize them & then I will suggest you how to proceed.
In case of an emergency, if any delay or inability to conduct the session happens from my side, I shall see to it that I shall complete the session at your convenience thereafter.
Fees once paid are non-refundable. In case you cannot appear for the session you get one more chance without paying anything extra as per the availability of dates. 
The duration of single session would be 30 minutes. If you want a longer session you can book two consecutive sessions with double payment. 
Once you confirm the date & complete the formalities, you will get an e-mail. There will be a link sent to you along with the confirmation of date & time. You need to click on the link & that will initiate the video calling. We can talk either through Google hang out or whatsapp. The language of communication again would be any of these three, English, Hindi and Gujarati as per your convenience.
When you need to change the date in case of your inability to remain present at the time of your booked date, you won't be able to do that; I'll have to do according to mutual convenience.
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